The Influence of Political Advertisement

Topics: Political campaign, Election, Elections Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: March 29, 2012
The effect on TV ads on voter impressions is related to the political advertising on TV, which has been taken place for most political elections since television ads have become the primary tool of communication in American campaigns. A political ad “advertised whose central focus is the marketing of ideas, attitudes, and concerns about public issues, including political concepts and political candidates” (Barron). Political advertising remains the communication format that dominates presidential campaign. The use of those ads may be a way to sell a candidate to voters due to the popularity that ads give to the candidate. Although the primary objective of advertising is to persuade, it may achieve this objective in many different ways. An important function of advertising in political issues is to identify a candidate and differentiate it from others; this creates an awareness of the candidate and provides a basis for people to choose the advertised candidate over other candidates. Advertising also communicate information about the campaign, for example TV commercials are usually the tactic of first choice, the most visible sign of activity and the most expensive aspect of campaigns (Shah). As television ads have become the primary tool of communication in American campaigns, research on campaign effects has focused more and more attention on how these ads influence the electorate; Ads may signal a close election to those who view them, raising the stakes of voting. Ads may also stimulate directly influence, by encouraging voters to take an interest in the campaign and to acquire voting preferences (Shah). The overwhelming volume of advertising in most areas makes their message all but inescapable. There would seem to be, in short, a reason to expect TV ads to stimulate voting. However the visual content of these ads despite a format that delivers an enormous quantity of visual information, also these focused the most on emotional effects. For example Because of...
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