the mai lye massacre

Topics: Vietnam War, Kill, Communism Pages: 2 (428 words) Published: March 31, 2014
The My Lai massacre
1. Sources 33 and 34 do and don’t make to same point. Source 33 is about they are going to kill the idea of communism not just to kill people, but to kill the thinkers on communism. Source 34 is about how men were going to war but not the kill innocent people. It also talks about the idea of Nazi’s that they are not killing for the sake of killing, but killing to get something across.

2. I think that it took twelve months for people to do something about the massacre because they were afraid of being killed, as it went on people may have begun to pay attention. The Americans used very strong weapons such as Agent Orange they may have been afraid to stand up to them. The communists also used very strong weapon and tactics such as creating tunnels which helped them a lot. I also believe that countries may have wanted to avoid getting involved is that America is a very strong country and so is Vietnam.

3. The massacre was so shocking to the American public because they sent men to war without really knowing who the enemy was. The soldiers had to kill innocent women and children as the Vietnamese had no uniform. The public was also shocked as they had never seen such violent images on television before. The soldiers believed the enemy was everyone and they ended up wiping out whole villages and towns and very strong communities.

4. The point that is being made in source 36 about commanders is that they had very little regard for life. As they went on daily murdering everyone in there site as th4ey had no idea who the enemy was. The cartoon shows commanders as skeletons as they themselves are killing many innocent women and children with very little regard for them.

5. Sources 37-39 do support source 36. As they are all about the mass murder of people, innocent people in the area. They are about to ‘settle the score’. They are prepared to kill anyone as long as they could win the war. The sources say that the commanders have very...
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