The Many Robert Smiths

Topics: Vietnam War, Work ethic, Conversation Pages: 2 (659 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Even though Mr. Smith may seem mysterious to some, he does have an interesting life. Mr. Smith is 5 feet 7 inches tall, has short hair, a mustache, and wears an earring. He has two brothers, one sister and is the youngest child. He got in an argument with his sister a while back and he hasn’t seen her since. His father was killed in the Vietnam War when he was a baby and his mother died of lung cancer two years ago. Mr. Smith lives by himself in an apartment, is a perfectionist and a very neat and everyone agrees that he is a very neat and tidy person. Mr. Smith drives a vintage black sports car which he built himself out of a kit. He used to be a gymnast and teaches gymnastics to underprivileged kids’ downtown. Mr. Smith is also big in Adult Children of Alcoholics. He did get a gymnastics scholarship to Stanford but, grew up poor and that’s probably why he is so involved in his community.

Mr. Smith is a senior accountant and Mr. Jenkins; the CEO used to teach him at Stanford and knew his father in Vietnam. Mr. Jenkins doesn’t want anyone to know about their past relationship because he does not want people to get the wrong idea. His Boss Mr. Wilson stated that Smith was promoted in 3 years when it typically takes an account five to seven years to become a senior accountant. This is because of this strong work ethic; he is willing to work late or on weekends to get the job done. Mr. Smith wants to work hard, save a lot of money, and be able to do something else while he is still young enough to enjoy it.

People may perceive Mr. Smith in different ways because of how he communicates with different people in the office. With the receptionist Catherine, Mr. Smith engages in more of a mindless type of communication where he is just going through the motions. With his boss, it seems like he engages in a phatic communication, where nothing that either person says matters to the other. His good friend and co-worker Felicia, engage in mindful conversation where...
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