The Media's Abilty to Affect Our Understanding of Beauty

Topics: Film, Television program, Fashion Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Beauty is seen differently by people, and it does not have a particular definition. The media has the uncanny ability to affect our understanding of beauty by having images seared into the subconscious of the general population.

We are constantly infiltrated by men and women that are deemed beautiful, but what lies beneath the surface is rarely beautiful.

True beauty is a combination of factors, and contrived by each individual. For the media to subject us to their interpretation of beauty is unfair, and purely done from a marketing strategy. The majority of people believe the last thing they read, hear, or see. This is the same with beauty.

Unfortunately, it wreaks havoc on the average person by altering their perceptions and feelings about themselves. This will lead to major problems in years to come.

The media manipulates the general populace into false concepts of beauty. Our understanding of true beauty has been defined in part by large retail corporations, beverage conglomerates, and the fashion industry. The wool is pulled over the eyes of the unsuspecting on a daily basis, and so much of it is ingrained that we as a society have become desensitized, and we have been brainwashed. This is almost done on a subliminal level, except for the fact that it is actually right under our noses the entire time.

Media affects the understanding of our surroundings, and dictates trends, fads, fashions, and what is cool. Beauty is sashayed down the runways and magazines, and infiltrates the movies and our favourite television programs. The music industry is partly to blame, as music videos are some of the biggest culprits as well.

The average person no longer has the same values as in days since passed. In the days prior to the media frenzy that currently resides in our life, men and women made their own judgements on what was beautiful. Nowadays it seems as though we are told what is and what is not beautiful.

How do you think women feel that...
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