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Topics: Television, Television program, Advertising Pages: 6 (1483 words) Published: September 21, 2014
Tina Le
Professor Brannon
English 1301 2S3
How The Media Affect Teens And Young Adults?
The media is inescapable given that everywhere we go. We are surrounded by magazines, newspapers, computers, and televisions. Being we are massively exposed to the media, it is sculpting our society as it controls the structure of our civilization. Granting everybody is being affected; teenagers are more vulnerable to the media and suffer the highest impact. This is because; they are exposed to the media eight hours a day typically. They spend more time under the media’s influence than with parents; instructors, or even friends; as a result, these deliberate and unsettling messages rendered by the media are demolishing the mentality of teenagers today as it alters their views of the world and their place in it. Teenagers feel immense pressure to mimic the twisted images being shown by the media. Even though, these images that are being presented are, in fact, unrealistic and unattainable to the majority of the people watching it. So, in an effort to turn out to be identical to these individuals seen in the media, teenagers face an enormous assortment of self-esteem issues, disturbance in eating behavior, and sometimes depression. This is because; during their regular disclosure to the media, they think as if society has set the standard for good looks, and if they cannot live up to these principles, then they are not beautiful. They critic themselves by the media’s standards and compare themselves to others as they endeavor for fresh looks. In magazines, the messages portrayed by the media are blatantly signifying that one’s body should be without faults. Katharine Seelye the author of Lurid Numbers on Glossy Pages! says that “Sex still sells, of course, especially when mingled with celebrity” (Seelye 606) which completely agrees with my argument. For females, titles on the face of magazines are generally associated to eating right, working out, plastic surgery, etc. The women on the front page of these magazines have remarkably emaciated figures, lengthy legs, and large breasts; similar to Barbie doll proportions. It is unfortunate when bearing in mind the amount of girls in the quest of a similar half-starved body. By portraying a standard, tough to reach; the weight loss pill industries are guaranteed growth and proceeds. The same goes for men as they come across body building supplements and steroids in order to attain that excessively muscular body. As an entirety, the effects of the media have turned our civilization into one that is almost entirely aesthetically orientated; where the standard being portrayed and attempted, for is completely going against nature. It has turned out to be more and more evident that the media can exhibit a big impact on teenagers nowadays, through affecting the ways in which they behave. This has given them the ability to sway certain behaviors as “cool” while using celebrities to aid in further encouragement of this image. When asking Justin Jedlica, who gone through 149 cosmetic procedures to look likes Ken Doll, “Was there something or someone you did want to look like? Where did you pull inspiration from?” he said Michael Jackson and Joan Rivers were his idols. These celebrities seen on magazines and television are accepted by teenagers all over, some even worship the characters they play on TV or the bands that they belong to. However, the degree to which they are admired can trigger teenagers to impersonate their actions in an effort to be just like them. Some of these behaviors involve; doing drugs, smoking, drinking, taking part in violence, etc. Their desire of becoming just like them has gone sky-high these days. This is because of the extensive amount of celebrity weeklies, which illustrates them participating in ordinary activities, like taking out the trash, walking their pets, or getting coffee. Moreover, popular reality television programs, which indiscriminately choose...
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