The Politician

Topics: Skill, Leveling seat, Learning Pages: 2 (430 words) Published: July 2, 2013
Know why you are serving. Serve the public, not yourself. Government is to be organized and helpful. It is up to you to decide which ways you see fit to serve, as long as they are constitutional. This is not about you. 2

Practice your public speaking skills. Speak at organized events, such as city meetings. Also, speak to the people you meet daily, like at the grocery store and people that are next to you in long lines. Just practice speaking to strangers, and your anxiety level will go down. 3

Make connections in your community with all kinds of people, especially those in a position to help you in your bid for public office. Like in Step 1, talk to strangers. Not necessarily every single person you see, but people you encounter in long lines, etc. 4

Keep up with current events. This includes local, state, national and international news. National-level politicians need to stay informed about what's going on in the world. Look up news in the web and always read newspapers. 5

Learn from the past. If history isn't your favorite subject, national and international politics may not be for you. The best public servants have a firm understanding of the trials, mistakes, failures and successes of their country's previous leaders. 6

Be dedicated to what you are trying to accomplish. If you aren't willing to apply all your efforts to your goal, you won't succeed. You also need to prove to your constituents that you have the drive and motivation to press on when you are feeling less than capable. 7

Acquire new skills. Join and pursue activities that will help you develop the art of diplomacy and learn the skill of the conversation. 8
Learn from those who have succeeded. Read autobiographies written by Presidents and other successful high officials to give you an idea of where your opinions and beliefs may fit and to learn more about the political process. They have won the elections and know what it takes to be successful at that level. 9

Start small. Run for...
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