The Relationship Between Producers and Audiences

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The relationship between producers and audiences

Audience research, producer response to research and audience targeting

A producer when beginning pre-production or even before will most likely look at some form of survey’s which would include things like possible cast members for the film and the amount of audience that would want to see possibly be interested in the genre. They will then take this to the writers and director of the particular film and they will make amendments to how the survey has come out. A producer will also look at the success of recent films of the same type; this is visible in recent times with the resurgence of vampire films following the success of twilight saga this has lead to TV series and films following the same suit but only keeping to the format twilight has set down not going back to the original Dracula, in fact this genre has become so popular that spoof’s have been made and have still had relative success. In Cars 2 Pixar would have possibly used previous research that they have done for Toy Story and Monsters Inc. to understand what children want but they will also do research on adults because they will try and bring in them as well. In comparison Troll Hunter will do very little research because of budget restrictions but they will look at films of the same style such as The Blair Witch Project and what success that it had. Also in post-production both films would have a test screening with different types of audiences to try and make sure that the film is fit for a mass audience or for the audience that they are trying to aim for a prime example of this is Blade Runner where the ending and a narration had to be put in because the audience thought it was to bleak and confusing.


Distribution is how a producer will put the film out to his or her audience such as, will the film have a worldwide premier and then several smaller premiers which a large film such as Star Wars would have were as a...
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