The Remedies for Tense Relationships Between Teachers and Students at Primary Schools

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The remedies for tense relationships between teachers and students at primary schools exist.

Do you remember your first teacher at primary school? What was he/she like? Did you like him/her? Perhaps it was him/her who made you like or detest school and studies. When a child goes to primary school it is highly important for parents to be sure that their child’s relationships with the first teacher will start in the right direction and the child feels comfortable when he/she is interacting with the teacher. Teacher’s ability to contact well with his students is considered to be a significant aspect to investigate when choosing a teacher for a child, because positive connections enhance a student’s sense of belonging and self value. Probably, child’s tense relationships with his first teacher may cause huge problems with his subsequent education in the future at high school and university. However, the reality is not as pleasant as we would like it to be. Nowadays it is a common thing that children and teachers from the very first grade at school have big relationship problems. As nowadays bad relationships between students and teachers have become a normal thing in primary grades, school administration needs to be concerned about the problem to identify the main reasons why this happens. There are a few things they could do to stop the growth of this tendency, which can unfavorably affect students’ future lives.

As American Psychological Association [APA] reports, each year approximately 253,000 teachers at primary schools are threatened with injury in the U.S.A. and almost half of them are physically attacked by students (as cited in Pytel, 2008, para.1). Actually there is an array of reasons and symptoms of student-teacher tense relationships, but here are presented the most often met and prevalent. When there is some tension between the teacher and the student it can be immediately noticed by other people. The first indication of this problem is when the teacher and the student are often arguing with each other and during these arguments they try to insult each other. Secondly, sometimes when the teacher and the student have bad relationships, students refuse to do home tasks and by doing this they want to show to the teacher that they don’t respect him. Another symptom which points out the problem is when both the teacher and the student try to let each other down in front of the class. Moreover, in some cases when the teacher and the student are in bad terms they may even threaten each other physically. There are several reasons why these things might happen. One of them is child’s poor academic performance. When the student shows bad results, it may irritate the teacher and lead to his negative relationship with this child. Another possible reason of this problem is student’s constant bad behavior during the class time. Bad discipline decreases lesson’s productivity and the teacher doesn’t manage to do all the planned work because he is always interrupted by some students. As a result, a serious tension appears between them. The third reason may be students’ dependence on their reputation in class. Children at primary schools often try to establish the importance of their personality in the class community. Therefore they want to be distinguished from others and to stand out against a background of other children. And the only way they find to achieve this is to drive the teacher out of his wits and to go against the rules. The first possible solution to ease tense relationships between teachers and primary school students is that school administration can apply “Child-centered play therapy” [CCPT]. Play Therapy sessions are usually held in a playroom that has a range of carefully selected toys and materials (Benedict, 2006, para.3). In one session there can be as many as 2-5 children interacting....
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