The Role of Ict in Electoral Process in Nigeria

Topics: Election, Voting, Elections Pages: 3 (801 words) Published: April 19, 2011

ICT, Youth and Electoral Process


ODEKANMI Benedicta


“Great Nigerian Students … Great”. This is no doubt the way Nigerian Students in Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education greet themselves in social gatherings and the likes. And they make a great number of the youths but who is a Youth? A Youth could be described as someone between childhood and maturity stage in his development. This implies a youth is someone who can be described as an adolescent getting into the adulthood stage of development. The developmental stages of Psychology will say this is a Trial and Error period in of human development. Our society is in a state that it is the youth that make the greater percentage of those involved in ICT. ICT means Information and Communications Technology. This includes the internet, phones, GPRS system, GPS system, computers especially the laptops and mini-laptops and so on for the youth. Though some youths use more of Communication Technology than Information Technology by being on facebook all day, others use the Information Technology better by surfing sites that provide informative kind of things and yet, others are indifferent.

To some, a youth is someone who is 18 and above but to others it involves a greater part of the teenage years. You would agree with me that Nigerian Students in these various tertiary institutions make a great number of the Youth in Nigeria. That says at least that we value education to an extent in Nigeria. But in reality, not all students admitted into the tertiary are above the age of 18 years. Some are even as low as 14 year of age. It is this “youth” that are the most seen during elections because they are on the active side. They have their physical and mental minds sharp. It is this period of their lives they want to try new things and see whether it works out or not. However, it is of no doubt that the youth are...
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