The Role of the Church in Society

Topics: Wealth, Bible, New Testament Pages: 2 (871 words) Published: July 10, 2013
The role of the church in today’s society has been undervalued, misrepresented, and ineffectively communicated. There are many churches in the United States alone that possess a great deal of resources. Some churches are full of multimillionaires and others with six-figure incomes. However, they have too much, are doing too little, and when something is done it is too late. Those who call themselves Christians and that possess an excess of wealth are called to have that wealth. There is nothing wrong with being wealthy and affluent. It is truly a blessing to have more than enough. The problem with those who are wealth is that they are oppressing the poor. Of course those who are not of the faith can be expected to care less about those who are in need. However, those who are Christian, and not just claiming to be, must in the words of the Nesquik rabbit “share the wealth.” It is more than okay to have nice things and a nice home. It is even okay to have servants such as butlers and maids. When the wealth of a Christian becomes an affair for them and they neglect the need that is plainly in view, it becomes a problem. I do not mean to say just throw money at the problem. However, to not share your finances in a way that is pleasing to the lord is sin. In James it says “…to him who knows to do good and does not do it, to him it is sin.” When a wealthy Christian redistributes his or her wealth he or she ministers to God and receives favor from both God and man. The wealthy also have a near unlimited amount of political influence. Their political influence is not just in the capacity of a lobby, but often the wealthy are personally or mutually connected with mayors, governors, senators, and the like. With the resources they possess there is an unlimited amount of good that they can do. They can break down the strong holds of evil that claim lives by way of violence, drugs, gangs, and poverty. They must also be willing to live among the poor and not separate...
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