The Satanic Bible (Stolen)

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I present here some historical facts with regards to not so recent findings in brief along with my own interpretations with regards to what is actually the true number of "The Beast",the number which should have been revealed in the New Testament's Book of Revelations and my personal theories on it's meanings/representations. I speak of the number which is in fact recorded as being the oldest and original number of the Satanic Current which is 616.

Ok so now we have to change thousands of sermons,millions of bibles and remake a shit load of movies even change some song lyrics all due to how mundane society has been once again blinded and sheepishly followed whatever crap which has been spewed out from their so called holy texts hahahaha,also for all you "hardcore"Satanists who simply just took from the Christian's corrupted fairytale without question just because "They" said it was from or of Satan...tisk tisk tisk...

I for one have NEVER been comfortable with referring to 666 as being the number of Satan "The Beast".Even though there is truth and some historical facts to be found within all the religious scriptures of this world you must always keep in mind to take the majority of it with a grain of salt when reading and know that the facts will not be so direct in plain view,all has been rewritten over and over again and twisted in order to suit the needs of the times and to keep the interest of it's followers or more like keep them in fear.

In keeping with my view or belief in theory as I have already mentioned briefly in an earlier essay,that which is how I hold in theory that is an "Anti-Christ" did or does exsit it would have been what is known as Jesus Christ itself or even what is seen as "God"(I speak of the Xian deity of cuorse). If you read their bible really feel and look between the lines when it speaks of the "Anti-Christ",in short and in my own words it tells us that he appears beautiful,as a man with brillance,he tells us that he is God,,he warns us about Satan,he is a wolf in sheeps clothing-he comes as a lamb and appears to be harmless,brings joy to the people and makes golden promises more or less and that we should see through this disguise for he is the BEAST,he will bring destruction,chaos,turn man against his brother,create uproar amongst all the major religions of this world,he will bring famine and disease,create hate and holy wars and etc... Well if you look at the world over history and have read several versions of this so called holy bible you would notice that there has been all or this already and well this "Anti-Christ" to me appears to be the Nazarene himself. I have also stumbled accross some articles written by not so deluded Christians who seek truth within their bible putting all the fairytales behind themselves and these researches have concluded that there is more than one Anti-Christ and that this title simply means anyone who is against "God" they also claim that the title "The Beast" is in reference to the Roman Catholic Church itself where they also nicely pointed out the places in Revelations where "The Church" is referred to as being Babylon and the mark of the Beast 666 is meaning the mark of the Roman Catholic Church. Well moving on....

From a Traditional Satanic point of view as seeing Satan as being the true God and ruler of this world,would it not make sense and be clear that if there were such a figure as what we term the "Anti-Christ" to be that it would want to make Satan look like the bad guy and it in turn be the ultimate savior,to stray the people away from the actual truth,to get them to worship it and in turn create discord between all of themselves and with all other major religions,become part of an accepted status within law and government(as in making it's "morals",laws,words in general become the base for the standards set within law and governement and so forth). Now keeping all this in mind with our subject matter here,it would make...
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