The Second Industrial Revolution

Topics: Industrial Revolution, American Federation of Labor, Chicken Pages: 4 (1767 words) Published: November 4, 2012
People out there better appreciate their average paycheck! Back then people worked more than 13 hours a day and got paid in the range of 20-40 dollars. That’s poor in America today. My parents get paid 2,000 dollars every 2 weeks. Do you see the difference? I feel bad because the immigrant kids would be right there working with their parents in factories that were hot and nasty! People had horrible working conditions and were being abused of their rights. What I don’t understand is that immigrants came to America for freedom! The Second Industrial Revolution gave them a chance to work but they were better of in their original country that they came from. I’m just glad that our community changed from the 1800’s till now because people got what they deserve. That’s how you run a good country and America wasn’t representing that back then. I guess immigrants realized that the reality was that America wasn’t a piece of fresh pie. The Second Industrial Revolution caused child labor, deaths, the way we have our food and more. That’s why I believe that this negative effects to the country.I feel angry when I hear that people around the 1800-1900’s had to work in such horrible working conditions. If you’re working in places that ha0ve hot muggy air, chemicals all around, and no type of cleanliness then why work? Workers were inexperienced working on machines that they didn’t even know how to operate. There basically putting themselves into risk of certain diseases that can develop later on because of the chemicals that they deal with. I know that I wouldn’t want to be covered in grease or have to smell the stench of some people just for 20-40 dollars per 13-16 hours. Seriously, working for that long. That’s almost half of your day to get a little money. Me personally would prefer to steal from people than putting myself in a position of a horrible working lifestyle.Even though people had disgusting working conditions, they did have unions fighting for them. That...
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