The Significance of an Automated Ssc Election System of Sti-Dipolog

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Computer technology has been a great help to the improvement of one’s life. Most establishments, corporations and institutions had developed their own use of such technology to help themselves work more efficiently with less time and effort, resulting in better production, profit, and a more satisfied clientele. One example of computer technology is the creation of a computer system. A design, fit for the company’s needs as well as for the customer’s. A system that will help personnel work more efficiently especially in accessing and retrieving data in and less time as possible. The creation of an Automated SSC Election System of STI-Dipolog will help the staff’s work a lot easier and more effective because of the automation of tally of votes of students during the election period. Using computers/machines, they would be the one to tally and transmit the votes to the electoral board without human intervention. The automated electoral system mechanisms significantly reduce the chances of errors, because vote counting is based on an internal machine count rather than on individual ballots, which can be tampered with. (,)

According to the URL, computerized voting is a superior form of casting ballots. It allows for fairer and faster voting. It takes many forms with different processes but how it is implemented depends on the technological facilities allocated for the elections procedure. Automated election system (AES) is a system that uses appropriate technology to accomplish and aid such tasks as voting, counting, consolidating, canvassing, and transmission of election result, and other electoral process.

Theoretical/Conceptual Framework

This study is fastened to the study of an Automated SSC Election System of STI – Dipolog City. It started from gathering of inputs such as use or school’s specifications and needs in order to come up another requirement for the development of the study that serves as system’s information. System’s information will be undergone into a program in which thorough analysis and designing are conducted. Programming follows for the implementation on what were analyzed. An Automated SSC Election System is expected to be the output.

Statement of the Problem

This study specifically wants to seek answer to the ff questions.

1.What are systematic procedures needed in developing an automated election system that is applicable in STI- Dipolog. 2.Why there is a need to develop an automated election system of the said institution. 3.How effective and secure is the automation of election of SSC officers in STI –Dipolog.

Significance of the Study

The study is proposed believing that it will benefit the ff persons:

Students of STI-Dipolog

Students cannot prolong the process of voting and line up in the crowd.

Members of the Faculty & Staff of STI-Dipolog

It would be a great help for them because it allows fairer and faster voting, increased speed and efficiency of electoral task and faster electoral results.

Supreme Student Council Officers of STI-Dipolog

Election results would be transparent.

STI- Dipolog

Since STI-Dipolog is known to be a computer it would be essential to implement this study for marketing purposes. The school also could save it operational costs.

Scope and Limitations

This study covers the process voting, counting, consolidating, canvassing, and transmission of election result, and other electoral process.

Definition of Terms

Program - Computer programs (also software programs, or just programs) are instructions for a computer. A computer requires programs to function, typically executing the program's instructions in a central processor. Pseudo code – is the version of the instructions describing each step the computer must follow.

Visual Basic - Visual Basic (VB) is the third-generation...

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