the social and Economic changes that semmed from the Antebellum Era

Topics: Reform movement, Democracy, Change Pages: 3 (1258 words) Published: January 28, 2015
Time, Time is never ending. With never ending time, there is never ending change. This change is constantly evolving and shape-shifting. Unlike Time, change is dependent on one thing; what is it? History, which is just what occurred in past time, allows us to look at the sources of change. In the years 1820 and 1848, we know many changes were occurring in the American society. The rise of the common man was fueled by the emergence of a two party system, which developed in the late 1820’s. America’s economy was also booming due to Industrialization which led to changes in the American work force. Another way that Industrialization changed American society was through slavery. The rise of the common Man and Industrialization reshaped American society into a more democratic and diverse society between 1820 and 1848 A brief period of time up until the early 1820’s, there was a single party system. This period of time was known as the Era of Good feeling due to the single party, there were no political opponents to create tension. Thus, an Era of Good Feelings, however there were problems with this single party system. “I am Witnessing every day is a perpetual struggle in both houses of Congress to control the Executive…” (Doc.1) John Quincy Adams noted the faults of the single party system, one of them being that there was no longer checks or balances in Congressional power due to the lack of political opposition. America needed a change, and it just so happens that it received one. In the late 1820’s two dominant political parties emerged on the ballot. The Existing Whigs remained in support the upper class, whereas the Democrats gave the common man a chance at political change. The Democrats were formed after white male suffrage was achieved for almost all white males. The first form of democracy that supported the common man was Jacksonian democracy. Andrew Jackson along with the democrats championed the common man. “The planter, the farmer, the mechanic, and...
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