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The truancy in school defines as students who he/she has an excuse for absence in any given day and or more of the days in a school physical years. Truancy problems can be traced back students who has problems for not attending classes in schools regularly and then start to cut classes eventually. Truancy also applies if the students skip one or two periods and more but attend to another class the rest of the day. The truancy of attending school has become the global issue where it is a constant concern of teachers in school. Each school has same policies that spell out about the causes of attendance problems and consequences of truancy among students. The percentage of the students who are found to be involved with this symptom has increased from many times especially for schools in urban areas where lack of awareness. Due to this issue, student absents is not only lag behind in education , but they are involved in negative social activities like gangsters , vandalism, gambling and loitering and to name few. The reasons students fail to attend school are multi aspects and very complex matter to be handle by the teachers in schools. For example , students may skip school or classes because of phobia , learning ability compared to other students or difficulty to get along with other teachers and students or teachers may be the factors of genetic and hormonal changes among teenagers . Truancy is still the main factor for disciplinary problems in schools in Malaysia (The Sun Daily .2012) It is one of the famous disciplinary problems faced by our teachers in Malaysia. It can be seen in especially among primary and secondary school children has widespread across the nation. According to the report published by Ministry of Education in 2007, it is showed that 24,840 students ( 12.39 per cent) found skipping school compared to the previous year was 21,840 students ( 0.46 per cent) in 2006. Secondary schools students are associate with the high among the numbers contribute for the truancy problems and found the symptom. Although the number of cases of student discipline is lower comparable to other countries, the Ministry of Education of Malaysia has taken this issue seriously. Every year, the ministry will create awareness together with school teachers and parents under PIBG to address the truancy issues among the students and ways to overcome the problems. It is also very important that school management has dominant role to ensure all the students are perform well not only in academic but also in good behavior to avoid any negative impact on the students. ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS

Truancy has ranked highest among the school discipline misconduct identified by the teachers and by skipping schools , the students has tendency to involved in negative symptoms such as drug addicts, gambling, alcohol consumptions and vandalism. The symptoms as prevailing day by day and the numbers are increasing significantly after the final test and days before the long term holiday starts. The real cause of this problem must be identified quickly so it is easy steps for overcome for future generations of our students. From the explanation above , I have applied the The root cause analysis (RCA) to uncover the deepest root and most basic reasons for identified concerns . The first step is to identify performance concerns based on the below analyzed factors. The lack of attention from parents, stress in students , school environment factor , influence of friends and personal factors.

Figure 1 .Sample of Fishbone diagram of root cause analysis for students truancy problem The lack of attention from parents
There are also research found that the family institution is often cause the students releasing the pressure with truancy to elsewhere other than school. The collapse of the family bonding and loving nature among the family members has increased the truancy level among the students. All negative actions of their children outside of...
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