The USA’s Views Concerning the Situation in Vietnam During the 1960's

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Cold War Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: March 13, 2010
Assess the view that it was a lack of understanding that caused the USA to become involved in the Vietnam War during the 1960s The USA’s lack of understanding concerning the situation in Vietnam during the 1960s was a substantial factor which lead them to increase their military force in Vietnam and ultimately become involved in the Vietnam War. However there was also a number of other factors which contributed to this action. Factors including the Cold War and the USA’s fear of communism as well as issues within the US government and the department of defence also contributed to these decisions. However it is clear that their lack of understanding was the main reason the USA escalated the situation in Vietnam to a full scale war.

The lack of understanding of the Vietnamese situation during the 1960s was the main reason the USA became involved in the Vietnam War because it lead them to make a series of bad decisions which in conjunction with other factors lead to the Vietnam War. Their limited knowledge of Vietnamese history meant they did not understand the feelings of the average Vietnamese person towards foreign people and the nationalistic views they held as a legacy of this history. The fact Vietnam had constantly struggled from independence from China, overthrowing Chinese rule in 938 and 1428 was overlooked by the USA. Also nationalistic leaders in heroes and leaders in Vietnamese history such as the Trung sisters were overlooked. This meant the USA were not able to form a stable government in Vietnam with wide support because they did not understand what the people wanted in their government, which was shaped by their long history of struggle against foreign rule.

The nationalism which the Vietnamese people felt due to their history then gave rise to support for nationalistic leaders such as Ho Chi Minh who became a popular leader due to his ideas concerning the independence of Vietnam and the increased rights of Vietnamese people. Because...
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