The USA Withdrew Their Troops From Vietnam Due To Public Protests

Topics: Vietnam War, United States, My Lai Massacre Pages: 1 (430 words) Published: January 3, 2014
The USA Withdrew Their Troops From Vietnam Due To Public Protests? How Far Do You Agree? Some people say that the USA withdrew their troops from Vietnam because of public protests. For example, massive anti-war parades were conducted and Kent State University hosted a public protest. However, other people would say that other reasons such as pro war demonstrations and the My Lai Massacre are the reasons why the troops were withdrew from Vietnam. During the Vietnam War the reason for USA to withdraw their troops was because of public protests. This is evident by the fact that in April 1967 a huge anti-war parade took place in major cities. In addition, in October 1967, 200,000 people marched because of the shocking pictures that had been taken from the Vietnam War. Civil rights leaders like Martian Luther King believed that the money that was being used in the war could be spent on improving employment and the welfare system. This changed a lot of public opinion. Furthermore, students continually protested against the war and many burnt their draft cards or left abroad. An example of this was at Kent State University which resulted in four students, that weren’t even involved in the protest, being killed. However, some people would argue that there are other reasons why USA withdrew their troops. For example, in 1971 the moral of the American troops declined rapidly this wasn’t good as it made them less likely to want to fight as much. Furthermore, the Tet Offensive being attacked on TV led to many Americans to believe that they weren’t winning the war at all. Also the fact that the VC were more determined to win also added to the pressure as the American troops felt like there was no purpose in fighting there which gave them a smaller chance of beating the VC. Another example of the media changing public opinion was the My Lai Massacre in 1969 where hundreds of innocent Vietnamese people were killed this really hardened peoples hate to the war. I...
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