The Vampire Diaries Comparison

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The Vampire Diaries are a supernatural book series that has been made into a TV series in the past few years. The show\books follow the life of a 17-year-old girl name Elena, who falls in love with a vampire, which leads to complications. The Genre of the both Vampire Diaries is supernatural drama, teen drama and horror. The TV show has been charge from the books; this is to see if these changes are positive or negative.

The main changes are to do with the characters. There is one change that fan from the books are crying over, it is Elena in in the books she has blonde hair and blue eyes but the actress who plays Elena has bark blown hair and brown eyes. Also the books make her into this pep cheerleader snoob in the show she is shy and puts everyone’s needs in front of her own. Another difference about Elena is in the books she dies twice but in the show she does not die until the fourth season when she is turned into a Vampire. I don’t find these changes negative or positive except the charge from a snobby cheerleader to shy and caring the show is better in this change.

Elena’s family is also a big difference. In the book she has a little sister name Margaret who is four year younger than Elena. In the show she has a brother name Jeremy who is also a teenager. Her aunt who Elena and her sibling live with after their parent’s death have been alter as well. In the book her name is Judith and she is engaged. In the show Her name is Jenna and she is dating a history teacher\Vampire hunter named Alaric Saltzman. Again I find these changes neither positive nor negative. There are just some I prefer like I like Jeremy and Alaric better because they are more interesting character. So TV wins in changes in family.

Then there are best friends, which also has many differences. There is Bonnie who is one of Elena’s best friends. In the books Bonnie is and small red headed Caucasian. She is an African American in the Television show. In both series she is a witch...
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