The Waterfall Effect of Vietnam

Topics: Vietnam War, Lyndon B. Johnson, William Westmoreland Pages: 3 (720 words) Published: August 25, 2013
The Waterfall Effect Of Vietnam

Victoria L. Balestreri, RN

August 4, 2013
HUMN415 – Vietnam and the Twentieth Century Experience
Professor Kucsan

As the United States made their way through Vietnam taking with them an undisclosed amount of sacrificed human life, both on the American side and there amongst the Vietnam people. The driving force behind them came from thousands of miles away, where a word spoken became the action to carry out. Under no circumstances do the American’s cross the line of orders from the men behind the desks. Many of the American soldiers carried out orders beyond what they could stomach, in keeping their goals as a united front, never to leave your fellow man behind.

Hundreds of American infantry soldiers landed in Vietnam ready for the unexpected. Trained and prepared, the soldiers made their way carrying everything they owned in overloaded backpacks, pockets full, belts holding personal equipment and various weapons, sometimes weighing over 80 pounds. Up and down mountainous terrains, rivers, and villages the soldiers in the fields were ready for any orders that came down from their Battalion Commanders. These infantry soldiers were sleep deprived, hungry, diseased but pushed on by the rules of war and ready for any circumstances even the capture and torture of physical and psychological warfare from the enemy.

The Battalion is the lowest echelon at which firepower, maneuver, intelligence, and support are combined under a single commander. The battalion commander ordered his soldiers to fight against the Vietnam enemy forces and this means when they saw them they could engage but only by the Rules of Engagement. Battalions attack, defend, delay or move to assume new missions. They directed their men to gain ground on the enemy. As these Battalion Commanders received their orders from the Division Commanders. The Division is the largest tactical organization that trains and fights as a combined arms team....

References: The Effects Of Restrictive Rules of Engagement On The Rolling Thunder.
Week 4 – Lecture: The Politics and Strategy of Limited Warfare.,
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