The U.S. Coast Guard's Involvement in the Vietnam War

Topics: Vietnam War, United States, South Vietnam Pages: 3 (820 words) Published: September 15, 2013
The Involvement of the US Coast Guard in the Vietnam War

The Vietnam War caused a great impact on the American people. Though the war began long before the United States got involved, it was the longest war fought in America’s history. There is also no denying that and the role of the media played an important part in influencing people’s opinions about it. While many Americans lucky enough to never see battle were developing ideas about the war at home, many young men and women were stationed in Vietnam to aid in our battle against the North Vietnamese. A collection of military service branches were sent overseas including the Army, Navy and the Air Force. One important military service that many people overlook is that of the United Sates Coast Guard. Securing over 1,200 miles of Vietnam’s coastline, some 8,000 Coast Guardsmen and 56 ships and vessels were stationed overseas (Toler). Tangible Aspects of the Vietnam War

The Coast Guard had many roles and assignments while positioned in Vietnam. The Navy lacked boats that could be used in shallow water and for inshore procedures, which is why the Coast Guard became involved in the war efforts (Scheina). They were responsible for destroying enemy supply ships, supporting ground units, rescuing American forces, along with giving emergency support to Special Force's camps, transporting personnel, evacuating wounded and providing naval-gunfire support (Toler). The main attacking squadron of their unit was Squadron One. Coast Guard Squadron One was commissioned on May 27th, 1965 at the Coast Guard base located in California (Mesko). It was made up of twenty-six 82-foot patrol boats. They were accountable for choking off the enemy's supplies that were transported via the sea. Unbeknownst to many, the Coast Guard was not only made of the ships and their crews. They also had pilots who flew and performed search and rescue missions. They had combat aircrafts and worked along with the Air Force in Southeast...
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