Theo104 Does the Bible Have Authority

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THEO104: Module Seven Reflection Essay

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THEO104: Module Seven Reflection Essay 2

I. Introduction

To define yourself as a Christian is to believe in God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the text of the Holy Bible. Many believers think that this is all it takes to be welcomed into Heaven and enjoy the afterlife in peaceful bliss with their maker. Much of what has been learned in this class these past two months has given me the opportunity to explore Christianity beyond face value, as it should be explored. The true model Christian delves into the inner workings of the scripture and promotes the promises made by God when one lives their life as a messenger of that scripture. Education is the only way to make a person aware of what it truly means to be a Christian. In reflecting on the concepts learned in this class, a series of questions were presented, three chosen, then answered on the basis of what I have learned. The first question I chose was, Does the Bible have authority? Through the Doctrine of the Bible and arguments that the Bible is the Word of God, this question will be answered along with the information in Towns book. Secondly, I chose, Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel? This topic was of great interest to me because I am capable of explaining it from a personal viewpoint. Lastly I chose, If a person is a Christian, does it matter how they live their life? According to Towns (2007) “There are a growing number of people who have mistaken ideas about Christianity because of media bias, or because of the bad testimony of those who call themselves Christians, but don't live accordingly.” (p.xii) With the proper tools, model Christians will be able to help others by teaching them about the real Christianity

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that will shine on for eternity. It takes time and dedication, and I believe it is possible to bring people back to God. After all, this class helped make a renewed believer of me.

II. Section One

Does the Bible have authority?

To answer this question one would have to understand what is meant by having authority. To my knowledge the question asks if the Bible has authority as the word of God, the laws for Christians to live by. The answer is yes. Much investigation has been put into the authenticity of the Bible. There have been numerous debates, assumptions, and theories as to whether or not the Bible was altered by certain faiths. The Bible is authored by over forty disciples from different walks of life, written in over more than fifteen hundred years, it was written on three different continents (Africa, Asia, and Europe), written for various reasons, and then pieced together after careful considerations to time and geography. With all of these factors the message remains unified without contradiction. I know of no other book that has endured so much only to come together in such a profound manner, this gives the Bible authority. The Old Testament offers prophecies of Jesus Christ that were revealed as true in the New Testament, this gives the Bible authority. These are not the only prophecies to be revealed, there are many more. 2 Peter 1:21 states, "No prophecy was ever made by an act of human will but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God." Jesus had even

THEO104: Module Seven Reflection Essay 4

used what was written in the Old Testament in his teachings. For this reason and many more, the Bible has authority as the word of God.

III Section Two

Why are personal testimonies important in sharing the gospel?

Personal testimony is a way to connect with another person in order to communicate how...
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