Theology Essay

Topics: Bible, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 2 (889 words) Published: May 29, 2013
People-The Apple of God’s Eye

My desire is to become a Pastor. To lead the people of God to a genuine relation with God, that would help them to realize the purpose, plan and destiny that God has for each of their lives. The foundation of what every Pastor, Evangelist, Teacher, should be to make real the fact that God is actively involved with His creation. This is seen from the very beginning when He created Adam they had such a close relationship that it is said by many theologians have said that Adam walked and talked with God in a way that no human being has since. We know from scripture that God walked around in the garden of Eden; Genesis 3:8.... And they heard the voice of the LORD God walking in the garden in the cool of the day.....This shows us that God is actively involved in the lives of his people. As I have grown up in Church I have heard many sermons and seen many things, but the thing that has seemed to escape the view of leadership is to make God a reality to a generation that believes that God a so far from them that he can never understand what they face in life. The scriptures are clear that we serve a God who is a “kinsman redeemer which in the Greek is translated, as "redeemer" or "near relative." This means that he not only redeems us, but he redeems us from a place of closeness and understanding. As there is preparation and study this has to be at the heart of the pastor how can I make God a reality to the people that are sitting in the audience and they are facing real issues and problems and they don’t need a nice sermon, but a real sermon, about a real God. The beauty in Jesus is that He was both man and God. He was man enough to feel compassion for the sick and God enough to heal the infirmity. Over and over again in scriptures we see that Jesus was moved was compassion for the people in which he encountered. An example would be the feeding of the five-thousand in Matthew 9:36....He was moved with compassion on them; this shows...

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