Theology Reflection Paper

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Bible Pages: 3 (968 words) Published: September 8, 2011
Reflection Paper
The questions that are found in many theological arguments are critical for many people when deciding what they will believe in regarding religion. Some of these questions are Did Jesus claim to be God? Does the Bible have Authority? Does my testimony really mean anything? In this theology class we have covered these topics at great length. As I reflect on our discussions and material I can see the foundations of my belief. Did Jesus claim to be God?

When reading the resource material and what the book Core Christianity had to say about Jesus’s claim to be God, I totally agree with it. I think I can find this easy because I already believe that Jesus is who he says he is fully God and fully man. I can understand how those that do not understand or have the heart to understand who Jesus was and even those that hate him for his claims. Jesus never denied his identity, tried to hide it, he never did anything in secret. The interesting part to me is that if Christ would have never claimed he was the Son of Man, the attributes he displayed showed that he was one with the father. Christ loves with unfailing love, holiness and goodness. As the reading said also followed these attributes with power, authority and omnipresence. Through the gospels Jesus identifies himself with “I AM”; this is something that the Jews could easily identify with deity. Even though this claim angered some of the Jews, Jesus would not hide the fact from them. In the article Deity of Christ, not one recognized religious leader- not Moses, Paul, Buddha, Mohammed, Confucius, etc.- none of these ever claimed to be God. Authority of the Bible

The teaching of the Bible’s authority was very insightful and in-depth. I always enjoy watching history and archeology channels that find proof of the history of the Bible to me it helps those that don’t believe or understand or believe that the bible is all truth. History does show the truth in the Bible. The...
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