Thinking Critically : Education for Self-Reliance, Not Estrangement

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THINKING CRITICALLY : Education for self-reliance, not estrangement By Dr Azaveli Feza Lwaitama 
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I THUS DECIDED TO VISIT A SCHOOL, IN HEDMARK COUNTY, EASTERN NORWAY, CALLED JONSBERG, LOCATED IN STANGE MUNICIPALITY, 120 KILOMETRES NORTH OF OSLO. THINKING CRITICALLY: Education for self-reliance, not estrangement This think piece was scripted in a Norwegian village near a town called Hamar. Less than a week ago I had left Tanzania just as concerned citizens were warming up to the interrogation of a recently launched government policy paper proposing the introduction of an awesome 10-year basic education system.

 I had been invited by the University of Oslo. I was member of an adjudication committee evaluating the merits of the doctoral work of a Norwegian scholar who had investigated aspects of the cognitive pitfalls of using former colonial languages that were foreign to the majority as the medium of instruction in Africa.

While in Norway, I have kept wondering as to what could be part of the reason for Norway’s affluence and its technological advances. Was it merely because Norway was a small oil and gas rich country with about 5 million people occupying 148,747 square miles while Tanzania had almost 45 million people squeezed on 364,898 square miles with oil and gas reserves not yet exploited?

I thus decided to visit a school, in Hedmark County, Eastern Norway, called Jonsberg, located in Stange Municipality, 120 kilometres north of Oslo. It is an Upper Secondary School founded as far back as 1847. The deputy headmaster of that school, who was educated in agriculture in Uganda, and an English language teacher of that school, who gained her PhD at the University of Dar es Salaam under my supervision, gave me interviews on the education system in Norway.

I discovered that while the education system in Tanzania has so far been more concerned...
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