This Is My Personal Experience That the Quality of Education Is Based Only on the Mentoring.Doc Uploaded Successfully

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This is my personal experience that the quality of education is based only on the mentoring.if the command is weak then the staff will not at all pay attention on the education.there can be no quality of education if the teacher is not attending to the class on is the duty of the head mistress to overlook the progress report every month.the head of the institution can set an example for the other staff members by coming on time.and they will be motivated and will perform well. Discipline is the key to the success of an institution and is compulsory for quality education.society can only achieve its actual position if the women of that society is well educated woman can make a complete society.

The efforts on finance attempts to:
i) develop a sound financing plan, based on the financial requirements and available resources to meet EFA targets in the country;
ii) accurately estimate the financial resources gap, and serve as a credible instrument to indicate the magnitude of assistance required from external development partners’ iii) understand the financial management procedure prevalent in the country (under a devolved set up, if any);

iv) capture the essence of public private partnerships in vogue and its financial implications /benefits through case studies; and
v) recommend a set of suggestions to improve education finance – related to financial management procedures,. collaboration between various government departments, coordination with private sector / NGOs and civil society and effectiveness of donor assistance.

The Government of Pakistan recognizes education as one of the fundamental rights of a citizen as well as extends its commitment to provide access to education to every citizen. According to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the State is responsible, “to provide basic necessities of life, such as, food, clothing, housing, education and medical relief, for all...
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