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Topics: Question, Television, Television program Pages: 19 (3155 words) Published: November 10, 2013
Date of Preparing:
Week: 15
Date of Teaching:
Period: 43
Lesson 1: Getting started-Listen and read

I. Objective:
By the end of the lesson, students will know more about the media.
II. Language content:
- Grammar: (review)
- Vocabulary: a crier, the latest news, viewer, channel, remote control, interactive TV.
III. Teaching method: Communicative approach
IV. Teaching aids: Pictures, cassette player.
V. Time: 45 minutes
VI. Procedure:
Teacher’s and students’ activities




Getting started (book, page 40)

A: Which of these is your favorite activity in your free time? B: watching TV
A: How many hours a week do you spend watching TV?
B: about 4 or 5 hours.


- a crier: ngöôøi rao tin
- the latest news: tin môùi nhaát
- a viewer: ngöôøi xem truyeàn hình
- a channel: keânh truyeàn hình.
- a remote control: boä ñieàu khieån töø xa.
- Interactive TV: truyeàn hình töông taùc.

What media are mentioned in the text?

Answer key:
Newspapers, magazines, television, interactive TV.
Model sentence:
In Viet Nam people love reading newspaper and magazines.
Notes: Gerunds : Danh ñoäng töø (V-ing)
Enjoy + V-ing

( Text, page 40-41)
a) Complete the table with the passage letters in which these facts or events are mentioned.

acts & Events
Passage Letter
1. Remote controls are used to interact with TV.
2. One of the most popular magazines.

3. People of different ages like this magazine.

4. Benefits of TV

5. People got the news from town criers.

6. Interactive TV is available now.

Answer key
Facts & Events
Passage Letter
1. Remote controls are used to interact with TV.
2. One of the most popular magazines.
3. People of different ages like this magazine.
4. Benefits of TV
5. People got the news from town criers.
6. Interactive TV is available now.
b) Answer the questions
1. What was a town crier?
2. How popular is the Kien Thuc Ngay Nay?
3. What benefits does TV bring about to people’s life?
4. What are viewers able to do by using their remote controls?

Answer key
1. A town crier was a person whose job was to go through city streets ringing a bell to shout the latest news as he was walking. 2. The Kien Thuc Ngay Nay is one of the most popular magazines and is widely read by both teenagers and adults. 3. People can get the latest information and enjoy interesting and inexpensive local international programs in a convenient way. 4. Viewers are able to ask questions about the show by using their remote controls.

1. What kinds of magazines and newspapers do you read?
2. What’s your favorite type of media? Why?

- Learn new words and do exercise a, b into notebook.
- Prepare Unit 5:(Cont.) SPEAK
- T puts the pictures and activities on the board and guides students to practice speaking. - Ss work in pairs to practice speaking

+ Pre-teach vocabulary
- T uses:
. example
. picture
. example
. realia
- Ss listen, repeat and copy.
- T checks: matching
Presentation text
- T sets the scene: “The media become popular in our life. You are going to listen and read the text about the media.” - Ss listen to the situation.
- T gives the students question and turns on the cassette twice. - Ss listen and answer the question.
- T gives feedback.
- T turns on the cassette.
- Ss listen and read.
Presentation structure
- T elicits the model sentences from the text. ( passage B: In Viet Nam, what do people love?) - Ss answer the question.
- T writes the model sentence on the...
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