To Kill a Mockingbird

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Television in Australia has evolved significantly and it has changed since it first came out in 1956. Channels were very limited like; you only had channel 10, channel 9, channel 7 and SBS. They were your big ones, but over the past 50 years television has changed so much. Instead of having analogue shows, now you have digital, which basically means more channels are opening up like GO, 7mate and heaps more. Another significant thing that has happened for television is Foxtel. This box allows you to watch up to 999 channels. Television shows such as Shintaro and Star Trek has had such a massive impact in Australia as It was very popular and still is today, but what has a massive impact on Australian TV is Reality TV. There are so many current reality shows that have massive Ratings. Australian TV shows aren't so big anymore seeing as most of the shows we watch are American, but there are some pretty good ones still like Home And Away. Multicultural TV however was quit different, they would show different shows. They would be showing clips from the Vietnam war for example or Greek news and so many international news.  

Shintaro is a Japanese historical film which was produced in the 1960's. The series was premiered in 1962. There are 10 seasons for this show. It lasted for 3 years. This show was only in black and white. This was the first ever Japanese show to be ever screened in Australia. This built up a very large fan base. Star Trek is a science fiction show created by Gene Roddenberry. The franchise began as Star Trek but it was then later known as "Star Trek Origins" There are so many movies and series of Star Trek, but many individual Star Trek episodes and films have won awards and honours including Emmy Awards, Hugo Awards and an Academy Award. There are currently twelve different movies. The reason why these shows were so popular in Australia, is because Australia has never seen that kind of show before. These shows were so new and different, the...
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