Transcultural Nursing: Its Importance in Nursing Practice

Topics: Multiculturalism, Nursing, Indigenous peoples Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: August 25, 2012
pharmacy304: Transcultural nursing: its importance in nursing practice Transcultural nursing: its importance in nursing practice

Maier-Lorentz MM.
Reference: Maier-Lorentz MM. Transcultural nursing: its importance in nursing practice. 2008 [updated Spring; cited 2010 May 01]; 2009/01/29:[37-43]. Available from:

Transcultural nursing is a vital part of healthcare in the present day. The forever increasing multicultural populace in the United States creates a major challenge to nurses presenting characterized and comprehensive care to patients. This asks for nurses to identify and understand cultural distinctness in healthcare ideals, principles and traditions. Nurses must attain essential knowledge and abilities in cultural competency. Culturally competent nursing helps to guarantee patient approval and optimistic outcomes. This article discusses adjustments that are vital to transcultural nursing. It recognizes aspects that describe transcultural nursing and investigates procedures to endorse culturally competent nursing care.The call for transultural nursing will be an ongoing vital factor in healthcare. Supplementary nursing study is required to endorse transcultural nursing. we can get this message from the article; Nurses need to be trained in transcultural nursing to support the ever growing multicultural society. This article has information about cultural safety. Cultural safety is a concept developed in the 1980s in New Zealand in response to the indigenous Maori people’s dissatisfaction with nursing service. This idea was ongoing debate when first introduced to academic communities and public health. Cultural safety was incorporated in New Zealand processes in 1990 and nursing school started testing student understanding of the term. It develops the idea of giving good care for people from diverse ethnicities than the majority, supply that care within the cultural principles and norms of the person. The...
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