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Reality TV shows can be inappropriate at times, but then again it speaks the truth and even teaches many good lessons. My personal opinion is that these television shows are a good thing. This differentiates with Schlosser’s opinion upon the media but there are many aspects of reality TV that can be a good thing. Meanwhile Johnson argues, “everything bad is good for you”, I agree with this aspect of it. Not necessarily that everything bad is good for you, but when he talks about the media and television not having the negative affect that most people thinks it does, that is when I agree. When it comes to children acting out in response towards the influence of television, most of it would usually be thought of as being bad, that is not necessarily true, many television shows can be influential in good ways.

While browsing through these sources, it was clear to see how mostly everyone’s opinion is negative upon the medias influence on society. George Will labeling video games, television and other technologies had an opinion such as “progress: more sophisticated delivery of stupidity”. First of all it is hard for me to understand how technology is stupid. Besides the whole construction of technology, its affect on people has a brilliant side as well. Technology such as reality TV is by far stupidity; it is in fact a learning experience. Such reality television shows that are a great learning experience would be Teen Mom, True Life, Dr. Phil, and many Spinillo 2 more. These shows deal with the learning experience and mistakes of children, teens, and many adults out there. Being able to watch a show about reality and have it be interesting at the same time is defiantly something to take advantage of.

Reality TV has a large affect upon the way children portray them. Many parents and just adults in general do not understand that...

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