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Every afternoon I find myself wandering through a vast museum, admiring the seemingly endless works of beautiful art of all kinds crafted by some of the greatest, well-known and obscure minds of our time before us. In one long newsfeed is a hall that stretches down as far as the eye can see, lined with magnificent painted landscapes which captures every amazing detail, idyllic pastures or may be observed as a battle ground. In another area one can find clips and scenes of the most culturally and critically acclaimed films consisting of various background information and biographies placed on the minds before them. Essentially any creative attempt that the human mind can comprehend one can likely discover where it originated from. It is an information seekers paradise and certainly one of the last areas one would expect to have someone approach them from behind and whisper, “How often do you dance naked.” Tumblr: A venue where bloggers can post ideas or thoughts from talented artists of many different aspects to bring the attention and appreciation of other like-minded individuals who (on top of users) sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions of themselves and many online users. There are also social media aspects which take place as well in sharing data. Although people can send others questions or share their thoughts by commenting based on the users post, the user has the decision to allow their information to be shared publicly which then becomes the main source in exchanging information with one another. However, people exchanging their thoughts with one another have the option to send a few words privately using their profile name or simply delivering an anonymous message to the user they are associated with, thus making Tumblr easy to use regarding everyone involved.

The media has an ongoing mindset which the internet in general provides its users to be anonymous, (and to their credit), they are right to an extent depending on what they...
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