Turning Point in My Life

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Turning point in my life
Let me take you back to my junior year, the year 2007.This was a tough year in my secondary school life. Transition of Chinese primary school to government wasn’t easy for me. Many subjects had to learn in Malay, and due to my lack of attention, I failure almost every subjects in final examination. So I had to go to tier 9 class in form 2.

When I first step in this class, I saw my peoples sleeping, playing, talking, everyone was ignoring the teacher. And I realize that, many students skip class and skip school frequently. Few weeks later, we had a new transfer student, the dirt. Our classroom was horrible dirty, nobody willing to clean the classroom, even the table and chair had broken their “leg”. How can I study in this terrible environment, but I can do nothing but just regret never study hard.

One day, I was studying in canteen alone, and got trouble in the question. Then a guy approached me with a warm smile and helped me solve the question. He wonders why I was studying alone, so I told him I had no friends because no peoples want to be friend with a tier 9 class’ guy. After that, whenever during recess, he will study with me together and taught me how to solve these questions. Besides that, he also introduces me to his friends and play sport activities with me together. He is my best friend and also the turning point in my life, his name is Jin.

Finally, the final examination arrived. Due to my effort, I get a flying color in my examination. Therefore, I can change back to a better class to study in a better environment. Jin not just helped me to improve my Malay language skill, and also increase my social circles, my personality changed from introvert to extrovert. Through the 5 year in my secondary school, having ups and downs, having things happens not as I planned, but finally I had complete my SPM and graduate.

At this point, nothing can take away my determination, my focus and my will to succeed at being a college...
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