Tv Effects on Kids

Topics: Communication, Television, Psychology Pages: 2 (410 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Nowadays, more and more children like watching TV. But most of them cannot balance the time of TV watching and other things. It affect children not only in physical but also in mental. This essay will explain what the physical and mental effects of TV on children are.

There are several physical effects of TV on children. Firstly, TV programs will affect children’s behavior. Nowadays, a number of children drink alcohol and smoke. Chasing for the reason, it maybe because ‘some TV programs will send some unhealthy message, such as smoking and drinking alcohol(Lane,2007). And children whose views are not developed will imitate the bad behaviors. Secondly, Too much TV watching will increase children’s weight. For example, when children spend too much time watching TV, it means too little time for exercise so that weight is gained(Lane,2007).And gaining too much weight will lead children’s obesity, so watching too much is obviously a risk factor to be over-weight(a report,2006). Finally, Too much TV watching will affect children’s learning. For instance, If children watching long last night, they will perfume bad in school next day. Because watching TV late will lead children’s sleepiness(Miller,1999).Further more, watching too much TV will decrease children’s time to do home work. Apparently, sleepiness in class and careless in home work, both can lead the low scores on standardized tests(Miller,1999). In brief, watching too much TV has lot’s of bad physical effects on children, it will make children behave bad, be fat even be poor at learning.

In addition, there are also several a few of mental effects of TV on children. Firstly, some programs of violence will mislead the children’s cognition of the world. For example, small children can not distinguish between reality and fantasy(Lane,2007), so the unhealthy programs may make the small children treat some things with a wrong view. More seriously, some children will not dare to go outside after watching...
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