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Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 1 (432 words) Published: September 3, 2013
Yes! My favorite TV show is coming on! My favorite TV show is Love & Hip Hop. Even though, Love & Hip Hop is a great show; it’s a harmful view of the world. Television is harming our view of the world by displaying bad characters and in adult content. Television is harming our view of the world by displaying bad characters. Showing bad characters harms our view of the world because it makes people want to be something they are not. The characters you see on TV are bullies, drug dealers, rapists, crack heads, and murderers. Some TV shows and movies are showing that the bad characters are cool, but in fact they are the weakest link. For example, a movie that shows how bad characters are shown cool is Boyz N the Hood. Boyz N the Hood shows drug dealers and murderers are cool, but at the end of the movie they die. One of my favorite TV shows is Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Law and Order: SWV shows that the bad guys are not cool, and they end up in jail or dead. Majority of the TV shows and movies portray the bad character as popular people; so people in the real world would be like hem. Children treat the bad guys like role models when they are not. The bad guys or characters are destroying our community. Being the characters on TV will get you nowhere in life. Lastly, television shows that have adult content are another reason why television is harming our view of the world. Adult content means pornography or violence that is not generally thought to be appropriate for viewing by children. TV shows that have adult content are shows such as, Jerry Springer, Swamp People, Maury, and Steve Wilkos. Shows like that are what children should not watch, even though they watch it anyway. Those shows have a lot of nudity and profanity, which are inappropriate for children. If children watch those shows, then it’s ok for them to curse around you and others. For instance, Maury has profanity and shows the wrong type of people, like dead beat fathers...
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