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Topics: Competition, Television, University Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Should College Students Take Part in TV Talent Shows?
With Reality Shows becoming the current flavor of television, channels are busy with different kinds of talent shows. Some hold that the shows will prepare the students for the profitable entertainment circle. Others believe that taking part in TV talent shows can relieve the unemployment burden in a society full of increasingly fierce competitions. It is true that work prospect is becoming pessimistic for university graduates. In this case, taking part in TV talent shows is a new way out. However, the rate to succeed is low and whether to win or not is quite uncertain. The absolute majority are washed out after rounds of competitions. According to me, TV talent shows have offered chances for ambitious youngsters to realize their dreams. Whatever the results will be, they have been courageous enough to show themselves. In a word, college students will know themselves better, hence improve themselves and gain useful skills through taking part in TV talent shows. Firstly, TV talent shows will help self-improvement. It is known to us all that competitions are cruel and only the strongest can stand to the end. The participants are trying to make themselves better and better in successive rounds of competitions. “Each participant holds a positive attitude towards the competition with continuous efforts to perfect themselves from all aspects”, said Zhou, one competitor from “Super Girls”. After many rounds of competitions, their skills in singing and performing, in communicating with others and dealing with pressure will be strengthened more or less. To sum up, the TV talent shows enable the participants to face squarely their shortcomings and urge immediate amelioration. Secondly, TV talent shows provide the participants with opportunities to show themselves. College students in the “ivory tower” should be encouraged to reveal their talents in public. They have few chances to gain practical experiences on campus....
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