Unit 6 Project

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Unit 6 Project
CM 206 Interpersonal Communications
Kaplan University
Tanya Horton
August 10, 2014
Dr. D. Davis

Unit 6 Project
1. From the interaction does it seem to you that Alan is actively listening? Why or why not? Allan is not actively listening. When we actively listen, we give full attention to what the other person is saying. “To listen well we rely on our ears, minds, and hearts”(Wood, 2011, p 144). Allan is asking the questions but he is not being mindful when it comes to listening to the employee’s answers. Being mindful is one of the steps to listening for information; with this form of listening “…we listen to gain and understand information in order to act appropriately” (Wood, 2011, p 157). When the woman expressed her concern about wanting to get the job done right and be top quality and when the man told Allan his reason for being late, Allan did not seem to listen and did not take into consideration the employee’s perspectives. “We can’t respond effectively to others until we understand their perspective and meanings” (Wood, 2011, p 159). 2. Describe how Alan’s opening thoughts on his job, narrated in the video, affect his approach to the performance reviews. Does Alan’s view of his job foster a negative or positive work atmosphere with his employees? Explain. Allan has already let us know in the beginning of the video, that he dreads the time where he needs to conduct performance interviews and he feels inadequate for the job. Being that Allan already has a negative attitude about himself, it shows during the interviews in the way he is not listening. Wood states that “When we are preoccupied with our own thoughts, we aren’t fully present for others” (2011, p 150). Allan is fostering a negative work atmosphere with his employees because he is not really making an effort to listen, he believes the employees are going to talk about their personal problems and he does not want to have to deal with them. He starts out with...

References: Wood, J. (2011). Interpersonal communication: Everyday encounters. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.
Unknown. (2013) Alan O 'Conner Manager. (Available from Kaplan University, Online)
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