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Topics: Reality television, Television program, Television Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 7, 2013
It seems that almost every TV channels has their own reality TV show. It’s crazy what they do on those shows, most of the episodes on Jersey Shore the cast drinks so much that they black out or Chef Ramsey cusses out one of the contestant’s family because they didn’t cook the fish properly. The negative aspects exceed the positive one vastly. According to Google the definition of a reality TV show is “a genre of television programming that presents purportedly unscripted dramatic or humorous situations” (Google). The truth is that most of these shows are rehearsed and scripted which makes it even worse because we should know that its not actually reality TV it’s more like unreality TV These shows are well known for harmfully influencing our behaviour, our minds and give us a shallow prospective on life. It’s outrageous how unreal these shows are, how they lower society’s values and how it has such a huge impact on us. Shows that portray any kind of extreme negative behaviour should not be allowed on TV. Instead people should watch educational shows or game shows. Personally, I don’t watch reality TV, but there are a lot of young viewers that do. Shows like Jersey Shore has a huge impact on especially my generation because at this age teens go to parties whether it’s freshman year of high school or “grade 12, nearly 70% of these teenagers have exhibited some form of alcohol misuse within the past year” (Ellickson). We are still young and want to have “fun”. These shows teach us wrong values of life, for example Jersey Shore is all about a couple of young adults drinking and partying almost every night. Getting into physical and verbal fights is a normal night for them, all the young teens and kids watching the show think that this is how life should be. Before you know they are doing exactly what that reality TV taught them. In addition without any supervision of adults this can really corrupt the younger generation to act as if they were in a reality TV show....
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