Us Presidential Elections 2012

Topics: President of the United States, Election, United States Pages: 2 (933 words) Published: May 23, 2012
There were many reasons for me to pick an article about the US presidential elections as my topic of discussion. I have always been interested in the world of politics, being involved in it myself, during my early school days as a student representative. There is so many things that the politicians have to take into account while making important decisions that will affect our daily lives. Because so many important information that go into decision making cannot be disclosed to the general public, because of their delicacy, a lot of the times politicians have a bad reputation in general public’s eyes. The actual election process is one of the most interesting, gruelling and scrutinised parts of it. The candidates campaign for months, trying to persuade the voters that they are the best choice to take the country into the future. The US presidential elections are probably the most publicised ones in the world. And they have a big influence on where the world will be going in the next few years. As hard it is sometimes for us Europeans to admit, USA is still the most powerful country in the world and if we make a small projection, the US president is probably the most powerful person in the whole world. So who actually will become the new president will definitely have an effect on our lives, either we like it or not. The author presents his arguments in a very well structured way that is very clear and easy to read. He starts each paragraph with the key idea in a topic sentence and then expands on it. He mainly uses active voice and also avoids starting sentences with long, dependent clauses up front. He does not use too long of sentences to evolve his thoughts and also keeps away from “big” words, which makes the article easy to read for everyone. I think he presents the issue in a really good way and covers all parts of it in a way that a reader could understand his arguments without being previously familiar with the topic. The main idea of the article is,...
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