Use of the Borda Count

Topics: Elections, Voting system, Election Pages: 1 (209 words) Published: November 18, 2014
Makynzie Zimmer
November 16, 2014
Discrete Math
Mrs. Betcher
Election Theory in Slovenia and Nauru
The Borda count is used for elections in Slovenia and Nauru. In Slovenia, the Borda count is used to elect a representative for the constituency of ethic Italians, and a representative of the constituency of the Hungarian minority. They are elected from the ninety members of the National Assembly. The members are ranked in the order of preference by the voters. There is more than one method of assigning points for each ranking of a candidate. In Nauru the 18 seat members of the Parliament are elected through a decimalized modification of the Borda count. All of the voters rank the candidates in the order of their preference. A point value is then assigned to each vote using the formula . A candidate receives one point for a first place vote, ½ a point for second place, ⅓ for third place, and so on. All of the values are added together to determine a point value for each candidate. In the parliamentary election of 2010 the president Marcus Stephen reclaimed his Constituency seat when he received 349.617 decimal votes from a total of 630 votes. This method is much more favorable to candidates with many first place votes than the traditional Borda count.
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