Using Election Committee System Is a Better Than Universal Suffrage for Selecting Our Chief Executive in Hong Kong

Topics: Hong Kong, Elections, Democracy Pages: 5 (1611 words) Published: February 10, 2009
In Hong Kong, the most important election is the Chief Executive Election. The current method of using Election Committee arouses abundant of oppositions from the Pan-democratic camp. They think using such indirect method to select our Chief Executive cannot represent the public opinions of Hong Kong. In the last December, finally, the timetable of universal suffrage had been developed by the National Peoples Congress Standing Committee. It is confirmed that universal Suffrage of Chief Executive Election will be applied in 2017. However, I believe that using Election Committee system is a better method than Universal suffrage for selecting our Chief Executive. Background of election

Before discussing the method of the Chief Executive Election, we have to know some background information about election first. Election is an important political process which a population chooses an individual to a decided position. It has a sensational impact on the political system and the society. There are four fundamental functions for the election, transferring the political power and authority peacefully, checking the performance of the existing government, providing a communication and participations channel of the political system for normal residents and improving the knowledge of the political of the society. Type of election

There are mainly two different types of election methods that will common used in democratic place, direct election and indirect election. •Direct election: Direct election means that the representatives are directly selected by all people. It always bases the principle of one-man-one-vote that each resident has equal political power for selecting the representatives. One of the examples of direct election is the geographical consistency elections of Hong Kong legislative council. Each permanent resident who over eighteen years old in Hong Kong will have the right to vote for the member of the legislative council. •Indirect election: Indirect election means that only privileged groups of people have the right to vote for the representatives. Generally, there is only having a small number of people in privileged people comparing to the whole society. This group of people is responded to make decisions for the others. People who are not in such privileged group only can express their selection though the people of privileged group. Political equality usually is not first consideration under indirect election. The stability is the main concern under such election method. One of the examples is the functional group of the legislative council.

The reasons for not supporting direct election (Universal Suffrage) First of all, we must understand that universal suffrage is not a perfect election system in the real situation. The ultimate goal for the election is select the most suitable person for a suitable position. The most important thing for election is making a correct decision but not giving each people equal political power. One of the reasons that Universal Suffrage is supported by many people is that many people believe the majority rule can help them make the right decisions. However, democracy is just a system to throw out a bad choice. It cannot prevent a bad choice. We must notice that the choice of the majority must be right. In fact, there are many wrong decisions made by the universal suffrage, for example the former Taiwan president Chen Shui-bian. He is a president elected by the universal suffrage, but in this last 8 years, Taiwan face many serious problems, such as economy and the relationship with China. His performances are doubted by many of the Taiwan residents. Is the majority rule really must help us make the best selection? Selecting a Chief Executive is critical for Hong Kong’s future. We need to confirm that we choose the right people for doing this job, so that a careful consideration is essential. However, there are many reasons for the public to make wrong...

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