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By Megan Desing Main Causes that Started the War * Domino Theory * The French and Chinese treated the Vietnam people harshly *Communists and Democrats started fighting Cause #1 Domino Theory- The Domino Theory is the theory that communists will take over the world. As Americans, WE DID NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN!! Cause #2 The French and Chinese treated the Vietnam people harshly- The French and Chinese ruled Vietnam and treated them harshly (for their own selfish reasons), until Ho Chi Minh (a freedom fighter) declared Vietnam as a free country. Cause #3 The communists and democrats started fighting- The communists and the democrats started fighting which caused the Vietnam country to split into a north side and a south side. This caused a war to start between the two halves. The Vietnam War What The Vietnam people were fighting for their freedom against the French and the Chinese. North Vietnam wanted freedom from the French and the French said no. So the only option was for Vietnam to fight for their freedom. Where: The Vietnam War took place in the North and Sounth parts of Vietnam. When The Vietnam War was 16 years long, from 1959 to 1975, making it the longest war in US history! By 1964, we had joined the war. Who: Many countries helped support the Vietnam War, but the major countries were USA, North and South Vietnam, China, Thailand, Austrailia, New Zealand, Canada, and most of Korea. Bullet 4 If the French and Chinese treated the Vietnam people with more freedom, the war wouldn't have happened, because the whole war was that the Vietnam people fought for their freedom. If they had freedom to start with what would they have to fight about. Bullet 4 The most important cause is the way the French and Chinese treated the Vietnam people. If they didn't treat them badly the war probably wouldn't have happened. Bibliography * The Vietnam War by Richard Edwards pgs 18-26 * * *

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