Topics: Vietnam War, Cold War, Korean War Pages: 3 (967 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Steve Brennan
Counterculture Movement

The Vietnam War is arguably the most pointless war America has ever been involved in. Millions of lives were lost and America did not come out victorious. People were enraged because America was fighting in a war that was not benefitting anything positive in regards to international relations. Since so many Americans were upset by the government’s choices of fighting in Vietnam while drafting young people into the military, this caused the nation to start a counter culture movement. Fueled by their want and need for peace, many people started new cultural trends and took a stand against authority. Because of the Vietnam War, American pop culture was influenced by the creation of new music and media.

During the Vietnam War, many people strongly disagreed that America was involved in a war that did not benefit the country at all. Because of this outrage, people turned to music in order to express their feelings about war. Music of the Vietnam era served as a cause for action[1]. Except it was not the music that mattered the most, but the message that behind the music which was most important. The message of the music would bring out the emotions of the people that felt angry about the war. Since the war had an affect mostly on college students and teenagers, the music would bring out the emotions of fear and anger in young people, which made them want to do something about the war in Vietnam.

Musicians became more passionate about their music; the lyrics were creative with a message behind every song. Artists were not afraid of what other people thought about their anti war songs, they wanted to spread the word that war is not worth it when the cause is not clear and justified. However, the songs of this time became very popular because it brought people together knowing that the majority of Americans felt the same frustrating emotions about the war. Bands and other musicians would attend anti war protests at colleges...
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