Vietnam Essay

Topics: Vietnam War, United States, Cold War Pages: 3 (1059 words) Published: April 13, 2013
Vietnam Essay
Some people have asked the question of whether or not the Vietnam could have been won. One answer is yes, it could have been won if it wasn’t for the defeatism and protestors swaying us from our course of action. One way in which the United States could have ended up winning this war is we could have invaded and taken over North Vietnam and ended it as a nation state and military power. This would have then ended its ability to aid South Vietnam. However, there is controversy towards this plan because it many soldiers would have died during its execution. But, some may think that it would’ve been worth it because a democratic government would have been created in Vietnam. All we needed was the national willpower to carry out the plan. Instead of the Vietnam War being known as a war of defeat, it could have carried on a legacy of pride.

So now what else caused the United States to not go through with this plan? One reason is that Vietnam has a large and powerful neighbor right above them and who’s to say that they wouldn’t have tried to help Vietnam fight against us considering they had intervened in the war against Korea. Now we might have been able to defeat China but at a tremendous cost. China had nuclear weapons and millions of troops. This is one of the reasons Nixon and Johnson did not go through with this plan because would it really have been worth it to win the Vietnam but cause an even greater war with China in return.

Also, who knows if Vietnam would’ve surrendered considering they fought for over a decade against France and Japan. The United States did have many troops and nuclear weapons as well so we might have been able to use our bombs to defeat Vietnam. But to what lengths would we have gone with our bombing and also, bombing doesn’t mean victory. People might say that the United States should have just persevered and stuck to it, but to how much would we have let it escalated? When would it have stopped? So...
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