Vietnam Immigrants and Refugees

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh Pages: 3 (1206 words) Published: December 14, 2013
Vietnam Immigrants and Refugees
Immigration has been around for years. It is when someone or even a culture comes to live permanently in a foreign country that is of their own. It is important for us now to realize how this was more relevant in earlier years than it is now. Most of it was related to leaving a country due to war whereas now it may be just to live in America or a better place. Vietnamese people settlement in the United States was a direct result from World War II and the failure of U.S and was mainly around 1975. military intervention against Communist North Vietnam (Levinson). These people were basically forced out due to beliefs and the trouble life they would have had to live if they stayed in Vietnam. There were two groups that came over. First being the ones from the war and second the “boat people” (Levinson). This was traumatic and problematic because the second waves of Vietnamese people were much less educated than the first. When they came to the United States it was for us to settle them throughout the country, but like most immigrants the majority settled in California. American Immigrant Cultures: Builders of a Nation is a book that I was able to look at while visiting the IHRC. I believe it was a good donation due to its immense amount of information on multiple cultures and how they immigrated throughout the world. When looking for information on the Vietnamese culture it gave a lot of good and specific information. Through all my other sources that I was able to find I realized that these are kept because of the possibility or repeating history. A lot of immigration and refugees happen due to war, but I feel that in recent times that people immigrate to just have a better life, and it is not necessarily based off of a war. The way they migrate, what interests these immigrants, and other tactics is what is stated throughout this information and collection of data. If we were not having most of this information I believe that we...

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