Vietnam Nationalist Identity CCOT

Topics: Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam War Pages: 2 (711 words) Published: February 13, 2015
From 1914 to current day, nations in Southeast Asia have been vigorously affected by different countries. Toward the beginning of modern times, numerous Southeast Asian nations were under the rule of Western forces. These imperial forces abused undeveloped nations by utilizing their resources, area, and economy. Vietnam, a significant Southeast Asian nation, had been under the rule of the French until 1954 when their freedom was achieved. While Vietnam kept on following numerous cultural aspects of China, Vietnam changed as a nation with its development towards a socialist government,freely run economy, and armed force.

Prior to Vietnam's independence, Vietnam had been under the control of the French, along with Laos and Cambodia. Under the principle of the French, Vietnam was viewed as a free nation yet its economy and armed force were controlled by the French. Vietnam worked towards revolution against France until freedom was achieved. After WWI, the French quickly lost control over Vietnam, and Ho Chi Minh, prime minister of the republic of Vietnam, pronounced freedom. Yet, it was not long after that France assumed control once again. The control of the French over Vietnam infuriated many Vietnamese individuals, prompting an uprising and the start of the Indochina War. The war endured from 1946-1954, until the Vietnamese were effectively ready to free themselves from France. Soon after Vietnam's prosperity, at the Berlin Conference, Europe separated Vietnam into two nations; a socialist North Vietnam and a Democratic South Vietnam. Over the period of autonomy, Vietnam changed as a nation as it had at last been proclaimed a free nation. Vietnam had the capacity run its own particular economy and armed force. As consequence of war, Vietnam changed topographically as its outskirts were re-made and brought about a part between the nations. As an aftereffect of an impact from Russian Legislative issues, Vietnam moved towards a communist run government. Ho Chi Minh...
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