Vietnam War

Topics: Vietnam War, United States, Henry Kissinger Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: December 10, 2013
If I were transported back to 1967 and asked to advise a young African-American on his responsibility to defend the United States during the American war in Vietnam, I would tell the young African-American not to get involved in this war and say no to it course it is a huge violation to the human right of both countries and a totally waste of nation resource. I have three points to support my point of view.

First, the Vietnam War is violated the human rights of Americans and damage the state interest. The Vietnam War started in 1955 and ended in 1975. America suffered in this war for 12 years and the payment is huge. Over 50 thousands American soldier died, over 300 thousands soldier wounded, over 400 billion military expenses, and thousand people mentally suffered from the shadow of war. And what did America get from the war? Barely nothing beside the national strike and resignation of the president. During the war, the Vietnam geographical conditions and weather situation drove the American army into an endless nightmare. Even the Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger said: The Vietnam war is a tragic. Our America should never step in.

Second, the Vietnam War is a violation of human right and nation right to Vietnam. During the war, America had dropped over 8 million tons of bombs which caused over 1.6 million local civilian died and over 10 million civilian homeless. With the developing of the war, “US operation in the South Vietnamese village Cam Ne as an attack on fortified Vietcong bunkers”, “every subject tended to become Vietnam”.

Third, the Vietnam War took indelible impact on US economy. The big amount of military expenses made the American take a huge burden on the nation economy. The military expense may be used to change the civilian benefit and stimulate the developing of economy, but it was spent on bombs, weapons, etc. This leaded American economy into a vicious circle. Based on the three points above, I definitely advised the young...
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