Vietnam War and Conscription Australia

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Conscription also known as Australia’s National Service ‘Scheme’ was introduced to Australia by the Menzies Government in 1964. The selection of conscripts was determined by a televised ballot system based on date of birth, 20 year olds were obligated to register for conscription which required them to give two years of national service.

Australia’s National Service –Many people thought that this process was a scheme to enable Australia’s Participation in the Vietnam War, But that was not the. Under the National Service Scheme, twenty-year-old men were required to register with the Department of Labour and National Service (DLNS), they were then subject to a ballot which, if their birth date was drawn, meant the possibility of two years of continuous full-time service in the regular army, followed by three years part-time service in the Army Reserve. As part of their duty, national servicemen on full-time duty were liable for overseas service including combat duties in Vietnam. Birthday Ballot - A ballot determined who would be considered for national service. The ballot resembled a lottery draw, even to the extent, in the case of the final five ballots, of being fully televised. Numbered marbles representing birthdates were chosen randomly from a barrel and within a month men whose numbers had been drawn were advised by the DLNS (Department of Labour and National Service) of whether they were required for participation in the scheme or not. Those failing to register without an acceptable explanation were automatically considered for call-up as well as being liable to a fine.

Reasons why people resisted – The reasons why people refused and didn’t want to go to war was they believed that war was wrong and a lot of people believed that conscription was an unfair method to get people to fight in the war.

Which people could avoid conscription through deferment or exemption – There are two types of deferment, indefinite and limited. People who had...
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