Vietnam War Charlie Cong, Nicholas Tomalin

Topics: Vietnam, Vietnam War, South Vietnam Pages: 2 (432 words) Published: September 10, 2013
mThe general goes zapping Charlie Cong, Nicholas Tomalin (1966)

1. Use the introduction to identify the genre of the text and explain how the genre differs from a “normal” news article or reportage (journalistic style account of a past event) The article is written in a journalistic genre called New Journalism. This genre depicts real events but borrows from the world of fiction as it uses a number of literary devices as e.g. interior monologue, flashbacks and the invention of imaginary characters. It’s characterized by a subjective style and voice. Literary is the meaning of the title Charlie Cong is the ? of South Vietnam.

2. Explain the situation or stage of the Vietnam War in 1966 as this text was written. More Vietnamese was killed.
1965 US combat battle troops in South Vietnam.
Domino theory/effect. USA frygtede for at hele Vietnam ville blive kommunister. It’s a civil war in Vietnam. North Vietnamese army – Hanoi with Viet Cong FNL – Saigon.

3. State in one or two line what the text is about – at the surface. What is going on, so to speak? About a journalist following a US general on a operation in South Vietnam in 1966.

4. Notice the tense (grammatisk tid) used in the text and consider the reasons for it. Present tense + dialogue.
Present tense makes the reader feel he is part of the situation “get the picture” = being there. Dramatic effect. Dialogue: show, don’t tell principle of characterizing the general through his own language. Credibility/authenticity.

5. Look carefully through the first four pages to collect information about the way General F. Hollingsworth is described and characterized. I may help you to think of the “show, don’t tell”-principle. Make sure you can document your observations. Face like movies.

Not affected by killing – he actually likes it (no compassion) Medals, gallantry = war hero
Swears a lot (esp. about Viet Cong: “push God damn VCs…”) Texas (accent, sounds, feel)

6. What...
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