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Voter Apathy

1. What are some possible causes of voter apathy?
Voter apathy is a growing problem in the United States. It’s when people who are eligible to vote choose not to. There are many causes of voter apathy and I believe not all of the reasons are done intentionally by people. One reason is, not knowing enough about the candidates running for office. When you don’t know anything about who is actually running how are you expected to make an educated and sincere vote? I think the mind set of people is if they don’t know enough information then they are better off just not getting involved. Politics can become boring and mundane therefore citizens chose not to pay attention to what’s id going on in the campaigning process. All too often we hear the same old things out of these politicians so shutting them out and choosing not to learn more about that is an easy escape. Negative campaigning and advertisements are another cause of voter apathy. When all we see on TV are negative ads about each candidate or each party then our attitudes towards either side change. Nobody wants to be involved in something that has a negative effect or outcome. I think that the negative advertisement is the main problem. It’s the fastest way to communicate to a lot of people but unfortunately people don’t want to hear complaining, whining, put downs and derogatory comments.

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2. How might voters shed apathy and regain interest in elections and the electoral process? Shedding apathy can be achieved by better educating the youth on the impact of voting. I think if teens today actually understood the process of voting many would take action and participate. Its looked upon in California and also other places in the United states as “oh my vote doesn’t count.” If we were taught about how important voting actually was and how every vote does count then more citizens would register. Another way to regain interest in the elections is instilling...
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