Voter ID

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Voter ID
During the last election several controversial issues, were being voted on. One of the topics that many people had strong opinions about was voter ID. The majority of people polled felt that Voter ID should be required in all elections. They firmly believed that if voter ID was mandatory it would increase voter confidence in the outcome of elections, reduce voter fraud, and facilitate use of updated, efficient 21st century election systems. Poll after poll shows the majority of Minnesotans want a photo ID requirement to vote (“Poling Results”). This shows that the public does not have full confidence in the fairness of our current election system. Fair, transparent elections are essential to the functioning of our representative republic. We deserve to have confidence in the integrity of our election system.  Nothing inspires that confidence like photo ID. Other countries already have voter ID or verification already in place. Iraq uses a purple ink dip verification to prevent people from voting multiple time. Voters required to dip their index fingers in a waterproof dye as they cast their vote. Mexico has required a government issued voter ID for several years now. With our advanced technology we don’t need purple dye. Voter fraud is generally only detected after the fact, if at all and investigating and prosecuting election crimes is difficult and costly (Lee Suevon). It’s far better to prevent fraudulent voting than to track it down after the votes have already been counted. The US can provide for a near flawless election process by utilizing tools already in place and adding some technology upgrades. With voter ID being mandatory the not only would voter fraud be more difficult to do but it would also prevent the time and money spent to find offenders. Voter ID is just the first step in improving our election system. Requiring a state-issued photo ID enables the use of common technology to further improve the integrity and efficiency of our...

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