Voter Id Laws

Topics: Voting, Voter turnout, Election Pages: 4 (696 words) Published: March 23, 2015
Niki Swanson
Govt 2306
22 March 2015

Voter I.D. Laws

The Voter I.D. Law is a law that requires some form of identification in order to vote for an election. Currently, there is much controversy over this issue. On one side, Republicans feel that this law will “protect the integrity of our Democracy”(Von Spakovsky). In addition, this law will prevent fraud and can be accessible to most citizens. On the other hand, Democrats feel that this law is “designed to keep people from voting”(Weiser). The idea of this law is to further improve our great nation, not to hurt it. Democrats feel like the minorities will not be able to vote due to the fact of the challenges from obtaining an identification card. On one hand, people believe that this law will decrease fraud and help our Democracy, while on the other hand, will disenfranchise thousands from voting and that the law doesn’t solve the issue completely.

Von Spakovsky argues that this law will only improve our great nation. He argues that this is a basic requirement to insure the integrity of its citizens. This requirement will not only prevent illegal citizens from voting, but also prevent citizens from voting more than once. With this occurring, our elections are not as accurate as they could be. In addition, the author brings to attention that there is not fraud in every election, but with close elections, voter ID laws could make sure every vote is accurate. Another point brought up is that Americans use identification cards on a daily basis. For example, citizens use them to “board a plane, drive a car, check into a hotel, buy alcohol, or see a doctor”(Von Spakovsky). An ID card is a very reasonable requirement and is very accessible to all Americans. I agree with Von Spakovsky in the fact that this should be required and will help prevent fraud. In the world today, there are many ways individuals can travel to a DMV. In addition, ID cards do not expire for 10 years, which makes it even worth the...

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